Saturday, June 19, 2010

69: BALANCE - scar

scar's got the right idea - paint on rocks!

Like Derek always says, 'do em' quick and don't be afraid to give it away'!! This was done on a piece of river rock and placed on a Nature Trail in Landen, Ohio. One thing I learned doing this how difficult it was to get solid paint coverage on a surface like that, but it was fun none the less! Take it easy an' keep puttin' it out there!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the fence last night

68: SOUL - derek

67: BEING - derek

66: STOP WASTING - rye

65: BREATHE - derek

a lot of our backgrounds on the little signs are done with leftover paint from big signs because we don't like to waste our paint. sometimes they take under 5 minutes to make and are the first to go off the fence.

64: 37,000 DIE - derek

63: STAY PURE - derek

62: LOVE - haye

i love haye's tree and flowers!

Monday, June 7, 2010

61: GIVE - giver

this piece is approximately 3 feet tall and over 10 feet long. it's on highway 97 somewhere...try and find it! thanks to giver for sending us photos!

60: PRAY - derek

this one went up in westbank on glenrosa road.

Friday, June 4, 2010

shoutout to the bakery boardshop and lounge!

we wanted to thank the bakery for supplying us with all their focused boards to paint for our project. these guys are super awesome and trying to give kids in our community a sweet, safe place to hang out. there's even a 1600 square foot indoor skate/lounge area so if you're in kelowna, come and support this shop!

189 highway 33 e

look at all this paint!!!

we got this given to us from our stoked! anyone want to come paint?

59: BRAVE - scar

here's another sick piece done by scar. it's hanging in loveland, ohio! i'm totally stoked on the art this guy is putting out there!

58: aLIVE? - derek

i really like this piece. i say that every time derek draws friend jeff really liked CREATE a lot so i gave him the address of where i put it up and he went to get it and it was gone. i told him i had one more to put up for derek and said i'd put it in the same spot at 11:00 am (although it was later than that) and so his girlfriend and him met me there to get it. i made him wait until it was on the fence though! haha

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

57: CREATE - derek

this one went up on a path off a busy street in kelowna.

56: BIRDS OF PREY - derek

this one went up on the old fence the other day]


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