Monday, March 29, 2010

"hey look - there's a sticker on it!"

said derek as we drove by the fence today. he went back to take a photo of it and we were stoked to see it was a WHO sticker. pretty awesome! hopefully people start adding art of their own to the fence at some point.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

the fence tonight

it's hard to take photos at night.

11: LIVE - derek

derek came home just as carli and i were finishing up and getting ready to trek over to the fence with david. he wanted to make the most of the trip (seeing as he couldn't go as he had to watch haye and biggie smalls) so he said "WAIT! i can make a sign in one minute!" we waited (for like 4 minutes) and then voila, he was done. good thing we took the car, we hung it up wet and walking with it would have been a pain.

10: ONE LOVE - carli

action shots...this is what our kitchen table looks like pretty much every day.

9: BREATHE - rye

oh just a tree, you know.
but look at my amazing hat carli made for me :)


my good friend carli came for a sleepover and we spent most of the night quietly listening to aesop rock and k'naan while painting and drinking tea. it was a good time had by all.

we drove past the fence today

and noticed that PEACE, LOVE, and STAY TRUE were taken. needless to say we are all pretty stoked and working on some new pieces.

Friday, March 26, 2010

the fence so far

now doesn't that look much better?

7: CREATE - rye

i like fonts...a lot. i'm working on creating my own, this one was stolen.

6: JOY - derek

i like the simplicity of this one a lot.

5: STAY TRUE - derek

two of our best friends nat and nicole got married in january and the theme phrase of the wedding was stay true...the boys all got zippos with stay true engraved and they did a big piece that the wedding party took photos in front was a good time. this is a tribute to them.

4: PEACE - derek

peace went up in place of joy. haye also set up a bench kiosk at ben lee park and sold portraits and paintings. he made a dollar!

3: JOY- derek

this one was up less than a day.

2: LOVE - haye

haye did this one all by himself :)

1: HOPE - derek

one day i came home from school and derek told me that david, haye and him went for a walk and put a sign up on an abandoned house in our neighbourhood. i was totally excited to see it so we drove past it when we went out. so this is HOPE, the first installment of many to come.


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