Monday, May 24, 2010

the bakery fence

we put the art up about a week ago even though i only posted it today. haye and i drove by and it's all gone minus the free art project sign. perfect!


i finally decided to put this up at the's still there!

54: FREE YOUR ART - scar

Derek's friend in Cincinnati sent us this flick and said this:

-This is my 1st "Free Art" piece. Hope ya' get a kick outta' it. It was done on a shoe box lid and is hangin' on a telephone pole. It's on Columbia Rd. heading North to Kings Island, about 21 miles North of Cincinnati. Take it easy!-

free art lives! send us your flicks of art you've put up.

53: PLANT - david

david did this a long time ago at our house.

52: art from april

two pieces waiting to go up

51: blank for april

my friend did some art...waiting to hear back about it.

the old fence...

well, everything has been taken down. i doubt someone took the remaining 3 pieces, i think that the church may have taken them down because they had been up for so long. oh well.

50: FLOWER BOARD - derek

yep, another...we can't get enough of these flowers.

49: FLOWER BOARD - derek

also put up at the bakery

48: FLOWERS - rye

props to dean for this awesome flower stencil! we put these up near the bakery boardshop & lounge in kelowna.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

2 down

the skateboards have both been taken...if you took them, leave us a message!

Friday, May 14, 2010

the fence today

as you can see, JUST BE has been taken along with CREATE (FINALLY!!!)

47: LOVE LYF - derek

another oldie that's been in the house begging to be put up.

46: STAY TRUE - derek

more broken skateboard art...put up with the other on the old fence. i love this one!

45: DOES IT MATTER? - derek

this skateboard has been sitting around our house for awhile...derek put it up last night.

Monday, May 10, 2010


i've noticed that there are people checking out the blog daily and wanted to let you know that although free art has been on a bit of a hiatus for the past week or so as we have been busy with other art projects, be reassured that we will have more up soon! we also have a couple people to feature over the next few days that have put up art in their communities.

so go, make art, hang it up, send us photos!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


on the back of the ki-low-na friendship society building in downtown kelowna.

43: PUZZLED - derek

put up next to pray in the alley.

42: PRAY - derek

a back alley somewhere in westbank.

41: PURE! - derek

up on a playground in westbank.

40: FEED THE BIRDS - derek

i love it!

39: LOVE - haye


38: INSPIRE - derek

we took a trip to westbank to get some deadwear and stopped to put up art on the way home.

free love is gone!

and more pieces will be going up today. plus, our very first "outsider" art has made it's way onto a fence in florida and as soon as we get the photos it will be posted. it's an exciting day over here in sunny kelowna!


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