Wednesday, April 7, 2010

no, we didn't quit...

our camera is still hiding so we're just a little bummed...
we had our friend tyler over last night and he made a piece and derek made a few to put up today. we are going to borrow our friend's camera to take photos and we'll get them up asap. i made a piece too but derek liked it so i guess we'll keep it around. fair enough seeing as i beg him to keep everything i really love! i'm scanning the piece now for the header of the blog and the rest of the photos should be up today.

update: 6 new pieces went up on the fence tonight. i borrowed nikki's camera but it had a lock on it that i don't understand how to take off. i'm REALLY hoping nobody takes any of the pieces (because there are a couple super awesome ones) before we take photos. cross your fingers, everyone...

in other related news, as i was putting up the pieces a lady was watching me from the church parking lot in her car as she was waiting for church. finally she drove over and this was our conversation:
her (rudely): what are you putting up?
me: art.
her: what?
me: art! free art!
her: are you sure that's it?
me: uh...*looks at the fence* ...yep. just art.
her: oh...uh. okay then. *forces smile*

so one of two things can happen here, either the church doesn't mind and leaves the art up (a friend told us that the church actually owns the house and, subsequently,
the fence as well) or they rip it all down and call the cops on us or something ridiculous. i noticed her checking out my car pretty extensively as she drove slowly away.

oh well. cops can't arrest you for putting up free art.



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